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    We develop software and provide all types of business marketing services.

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    We provide effective and reliable customer care services for all needs.

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Our process begins with a careful planning of each marketing project:

  • Sms marketing Campaign
  • Community Sms Campaign
  • Transactional Sms for Schools & Institutes


You focus on Business, lets take care of your office:

  • All Mailers forwarded
  • All calls forwarded
  • Focus on business and be a leader


Development is the programming work and the content loading:

  • Build development framework
  • Code page templates
  • Fill with content and make it a worth for your clients

Quality Control

The website is put through a rigorous post-production process:

  • Test planning
  • Browser testing
  • Process improvement and be ready with latest browsers


We take special care in our Optimization process:

  • Competitors Analysis
  • Ranking Keywords
  • Putting you on top of them is our goal

Online Presence

Get a place on internet for your business:

  • Cheapest Domain Services
  • Shared Hosting services
  • Dedicated hosting services with unlimited domains and accounts

Ready to use

We furnish every type of website scripts for your revenue:

  • Online Directory Scripts
  • Shopping & E commerce Scripts
  • Ready to launch and promote all types of website scripts.


No matter what php script you bought, we make it easy:

  • Instant Service
  • Install any php script
  • Complete testing and handover as per developer instructions

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Sammrat.com is one of the leading bulk sms provider in India offering various multiple gateways with transaction routes for schools, stock brokers, colleges, travels and Promotional route for all kinds of organizations.

  • Better Deliverability.
  • Multiple Sms Gateway options.
  • 24x7 Sms delivery window.
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