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Bulk SMS Advertisements / Campaigns has been helping thousands of Small and Corporate Customers to reach the mass people in no time. Through one of the survey with the event management company, the company said your promotion activities. Below, we have listed few bulk sms software advantages and benefits for your they got huge visitors through bulk sms advertisements and helped to sell and target huge potential clientele

Send Bulk SMS Anywhere in India from Your PC:

  • No Software required to send bulk sms.
  • No Mobile Handset required to send bulk sms.
  • No SIM Card required to send bulk sms.
  • You can send Bulk SMS in your Brand Name of your company to all mobile numbers all over India and build your Brand Name to increase your Brand Reputation in the Industry.

Bulk SMS Campaign could be used for following purposes:

  • Announce a new Product / Service through Bulk SMS.
  • Build your Brand Name via Bulk SMS.
  • Announce Sales Promotions through Bulk SMS.
  • Send Reminder for offers, payments etc., by Bulk SMS.
  • Reward using Mobile coupons using Bulk SMS.
  • Event Reminders.
  • Take Product Feedback from bulk sms.
  • Generate Leads through Bulk SMS.
  • Manpower Recruitment through Bulk SMS.

How can you Build the Brand Name through Bulk SMS Advertisements?

  1. Register yourself with
  2. The company offering you Online SMS, offers different Cost- Efficient Bulk SMS Packages. Select according to your bulk sms requirement.
  3. Login to the with your user id and password. Next, you need to type the recipient's mobile phone number in the designated field. One must look for DNC (Do not call) list too, as sending messages to the DNC numbers can lead you to pay penalty.
  4. Type the content. One thing to remember is that there is a fixed limit of words you can type which is restricted to 160 characters. To reap maximum benefits out of mobile marketing the content plays an important role in advertising your brand.
  5. Online text messaging is very easy to use and does not require any software installation.
  6. No Special skill is required for sending Bulk SMS.
  7. Online text messaging is very useful as these can be sent to a number of people all at the same time through your computer without the need of typing the same message more than once and just at a single click.
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