Frequently Asked Questions


Every now and then we all have queries before we use any products and services. We are glad to clarify some of your doubts and query through our Frequently Asked Questions on using our Bulks Sms Services in this section. We have tried hard to list out all common questions and their answers for your understanding. Please go through and if you still get any other doubts, please contact us through our CONTACT FORM.

Frequently Asked Questions:

This web page of our site has been developed to get you the answers you need instantly. Please go through our easy to understand FAQs.

* What is SMS?
SMS stands for Short Message Service, an easy way to communicate through text messages to on any wireless telephones. We offer a maximum length of 160 characters to send SMS. SMS is a convenient way to keep in touch with everyone.

* What are the features of your SMS service?
We have listed out our major features of our SMS service. Please click this link to see our detailed BULK SMS FEATURES

* What are the advantages and benefits of your SMS service?
We have listed out our major advantages and benefits of our SMS service. Please click this link to see our detailed BULK SMS BENEFITS

* To which all destinations I can deliver the SMS?
You can send SMS to most of the service providers across India.

* How do I access your SMS services?
You need to become our member for our SMS services by opting in any of the package. Once you make the payment then you will be given a user-name and password to use our SMS services.

* How can I purchase the SMS credits (package) for using your services?
We have various options to make the payments using Credit Card or Netbanking or Cheque Deposit or Cash Deposit. For more details, click this link PAYMENTS.

* How long does it take to activate my account?
It would take 1 to 3 business days to activate your account once after the payment gets credited to our account.

* How do I enter a mobile phone number to send SMS in the "TO" field?
You need to key in the mobile number prefixing 91 (country code) to all the numbers for better results. For instance 919930447726 Please dont prefix "0".

* How many SMSes can be sent at one time or is there any limit?
For better results, we ask you to try and limit to send SMS approximately 5,000 numbers.

* How long does it take to renew my credits to add into my account?
If you make the payment through credit card, the credits bought immediately gets credited to your account within 24 hours due to setting up of your account. If you have selected your mode of payment as Demand Draft or Cheque the credits will get added to your account once we receive the payment.

* How to retrieve my forgot password?
Kindly mail us at to retrieve your password through Mobile SMS and Email.
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