Sms Policy

Sms Policy in India

Sms Policy

SMS / BULK SMS POLICY has to be strictly followed by our members, failing which we will have to terminate our services immediately.

Every Facility has some rules and regulations as any one can misuse the facility. Hence Government of India, TRAI has some rules and regulations to use sms facility in India. If some one misuses this facility in any accordance then serious punishment will be caused to the user, so kindly follow the TRAI's rules and regulations when you use our SMS Services.


Due to strict adherence of CLI Policy (as per TRAI), SENDER Name in personal names are not permitted. Please do contact us for further details. After registering yourself with, for any kind of sender name registration, you need to take approval from us along with valid and justified supporting documents.

If you can't verify your original documents personally, kindly send us scanned copy of supporting document in order to register and continue your selected SENDER Name. Non submission of supporting document may lead to suspension of SENDER Name and the same will be rejected by our server. This is done to prevent any misuse of service and is as per guidelines of TRAI and NDNC Registry.

Approval of CLI/SENDER NAME may take 1-3 days.

SENDER ID resembling name of a person will not be considered for approval.
Any mobile number or short codes can not be used as CLI.
Scanned copy of documents can be forwarded to

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