SMS Resellers

SMS Resellers


Cell phones are extremely popular in today’s time throughout the world, including India. Right from a teenager to a businessman, everyone uses them extensively so that it has gradually emerged as the best and the quickest way to reach out to people. Businesses are, thus, turning to mobile phone marketing which is primarily done through bulk text messages. This refers to the concept of pushing large volumes of text messages by multiple interfaces to several recipients.

Having a bulk SMS reseller program allows you to further redistribute SMS credits to your clients and users.

Sammrat offers bulk SMS reseller services which ensure best after-sale services and maximum customer satisfaction. We offer quality services at reasonable rates and make sure that you get maximum Return on Investment (ROI).

Anyone who has basic computer knowledge and knows how to operate the internet can get themselves an account with us. The basic requirements to get a bulk SMS reseller account with us are an internet enabled computer, text message credits and a list of contacts.

You can use the reseller program to benefit your business. All you need to do is to use your contacts to develop a network of clients and resellers, who will be bringing you more and more text message orders, which in turn will boost your business and help you expand your base of clientele. There is no limit to creating a client’s account under reseller, enabling you to create more and more resellers under your own account.

Being a reseller means you can own a text messaging solution that is entirely hosted and branded with the logo of your company. It also features functionalities of customer administration and effective customer support system.

Benefits of becoming a bulk SMS reseller:?

  • You get to resell the bulk SMS at your convenient rates.
  • You get to appoint more bulk SMS resellers.
  • You get common unbranded bulk SMS control panel.
  • You can create your own bulk SMS gateway.

Why should you become a bulk SMS reseller with us?

  • We offer competitive end-user pricing.
  • You get attractive discounts in the initial stages
  • There is no requirement of minimum sale volumes
  • You are able to provide value-added services to your local clients.
  • The structure of aggressive graduated discount ensures good returns with large sales volume.
  • We do not undercut you while upgrading or renewing license.
  • You are able to access Online Reseller Center for ordering license and generating reports.
  • You can have your own contact person with us so that we can assist you with every kind of issues.
  • We offer reliable services, easy installation, fast support and effective customer services. In short, we make your job convenient and easy.

You can begin with a basic buy of 1 lakh text messages. You can either sell these to a single person or to different people. The manner in which you would distribute your text message credits is entirely your own choice.

If you are not satisfied with our services and gateways, we guarantee to refund your money and buy back the remaining text messages. This will, however, be done if you claim the refund within 15 days of your registration. But, we also guarantee you that this is less likely to happen.

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