When it comes to serious marketing, there is absolutely no point in shooting in the air. A marketing strategy that is not directed to a particular group of people is bound to get lost in the crowd and have no impact on anyone whatsoever. Depending on its usability, every product and service is meant for particular people. You cannot have a product or service that can be used by all and sundry. So, first and foremost, you need to decide on that target audience and plan your marketing strategy accordingly.

In the present age which is dominated by mobile phones and internet, publicity campaigns using these two media have become very popular. Bulk SMS and email marketing offer an easy, effective and affordable way to reach your target audience. With these, you can convey your message in an instant as compared to other media of publicity. People may not have the time to watch television or read the newspaper but they never forget to check their emails and text messages. So, with these two tools, you can surely reach the people you want to convey your information to.

However, if, for instance, you are publicizing the latest brand of cosmetics, do you think your campaign will work if you send half of your messages to men? Well, obviously not! Such a message should strictly be sent to women for creating the desired hype. And it is here where the need for quality database arises. This is an important consideration that is taken care of at Sammrat.

We offer quality and structured database for promotional and publicity campaigns. Only the people who have chosen to receive information about marketing and promotions are included in our database. In other words, we make sure that your message does not reach someone whose number or email ID is registered in DND or NDNC because doing so results in penalization by TRAI. We value each of our clients and do not want them to get involved in any sort of legal hassle.

Our database is absolutely structured and organized with necessary divisions like age group, sex, occupation, community, geographical regions etc.

You can be sure of the quality of our database because it is the result of our hard work and dedication. We have been developing our database ever since our inception in 2000; hence, you can very well understand the sheer number of contacts that we possess. All our data has been collected ethically, without any use of unfair means. We have actually visited people to collect their information.

Our authentic and segmented database helps your business to a great extent because it enables you to do targeted marketing by addressing your target audience. And when you send your SMSes and emails to the people who are likely to be interested in your products and services, the chances of conversion become much higher.

Sammrat possesses one of the best and most updated databases that can be found in any of the bulk email and SMS marketing companies in India. Get in touch with us as soon as possible and see your marketing strategy get a new edge.

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