Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective, convenient and economic way to reach out to your target audience. Professional and informative mails not only help in getting you new customers but also bring older ones back to you again and again. Email newsletters are inexpensive and quick to develop; hence, they can be sent more regularly than paper ones.

We are one of the best known mass electronic mail service providers in India. With our Email marketing services, you can stay in your customer’s inboxes in a more accurate manner than regular mails. We help you avoid spam filters and make sure that you are read.

We provide you with a static IP so that you can manage your own reputation. We work in a way so that your customer base gets expanded and your business gets benefited. Our services allow you to enjoy better brand recall value. Since our inception in 2000, we have worked sincerely and have earned ourselves the trust of our clients through our quality mailing solutions and mail deliverability. We cater to various fields like real estate, corporate, shopping portals etc.

Some of the salient features of our Email marketing services are:

  • Email templates: We own a huge stock of pro-designed mail templates which make your mails look nothing else but professional. Ginger up your mails with our customizable and attractive templates. With us, you have hundreds of designs and layouts to choose from, which includes one or multicolumn formats, postcards etc.
  • Email delivery management: Making sure that your mails reach the intended inboxes can be a difficult job. This is because the rules involved in it change all the time. It can indeed be frustrating to keep up with the ever-altering protocols. But, you do not need to worry any more when we are here. Our team makes sure that your mails reach their desired addresses without fail.
  • Email list management: We help you keep your contact list in the best shape by cleaning your list off bounces and outdated and useless addresses. We assist you not only in cleaning your contact list but also in adding fresh contacts. We divide your list by demographics, customer likes, dislikes etc. In short, we strive to provide you with an optimized email list.
  • Track your emails: We keep an eye on every detail in order to provide you with data needed to create mails that give great marketing results. With us, you can keep a track on how many of your contacts actually opened your messages, forwarded them, clicked your links, unsubscribed from your list, filed spam complaints etc. You can also see the impact of your mails by tracking tweets and likes on social media.
  • Sign-up forms: It takes time and dedication to build a house email. But confirming all your opt-ins does not necessarily have to be a chore, especially when you have us as your partner. We help you create your own sign up forms with our editing software. People who sign up are automatically added to your contact list.

Get in touch with us today to get the most reliable and high-end email marketing services in India.

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