There is no denying the fact that the present age is a digital one and it is internet that one goes to for seeking information. Gone are the days when potential clients would visit your company if they were interested in working with you. Now, people first see your company's website and then decide whether to work with you or not. So, if you are someone who does not have an informative and neatly designed site for your business, you are possibly losing out on quite a number of customers. On the other hand, having a good quality website can be extremely helpful in strengthening your position in the global market, thereby enhancing your reputation on the internet.

Companies are, therefore, gradually recognizing the necessity of updating their websites at regular intervals. This is possibly the reason behind the popularity of 'scripts' and other such web apps these days. The modern apps enhance the dynamism of websites, thereby attracting more number of visitors and creating a buzz.

If designing takes care of the front end of a site, programming takes care of the back end. It is what defines the functionality of a site. It determines how an application and databases will interact with each other to provide your website-user with an easy user experience. It tracks site visitors, generates sales leads and gives you an effective tool to connect to your site visitors.

So, programming is what helps you monitor and keep track of your website. Integrating a custom Web 2.0 interface makes your site visitors feel comfortable, increasing the chances of sales or leads considerably.

Sammrat has years of experience in the field and believes in exceeding clients’ expectations. We have successfully met the challenges posed by website development of varied types, providing our clients with efficient PHP application services.

Our programmers have a high degree of knowledge, acquired from formal training and extensive experience. They make sure the work is done strictly according to your guidelines. And most importantly, they deliver you the most efficient solutions based on project modeling, analysis and specifications.

Our expertise includes:

Web 2.0 Programming

This is often called the next level of internet experience. It provides more effective tools to users by creating a user-friendly interface, which is extremely reliable and powerful. It enhances the interaction between your site and its visitors.

JavaScript/AJAX Programming

JavaScript is one of the best and the most difficult programming languages to work with. And AJAX is one of the most powerful programs that have led to Web 2.0 programming. AJAX enables a web page to interact to the server and exchange data with browser refreshing in a safe and secure manner, creating a fabulous user experience.

Perl/CGI Programming

This is one of the most stable and reliable programming languages. It can be combined with Web 2.0 functionality to create a flawless user-friendly custom app.

Server Side Processing Programming

With this, we can design websites that can call a program “quietly” to the server; it retrieves data and puts the information back to the user’s screen.

We also work with:

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JQuery
  • MySQL

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