Ready PHP Scripts

Ready PHP Scripts

Ready Scripts

Sammrat offers you high quality PHP scripts at a much more affordable rate than any other company in India. We have helped many a webmaster begin with new web-based businesses or made already existing businesses into profitable ones. With our scripts, you can start several different profitable online ventures with much ease and convenience. We provide a wide array of ready-to-use PHP sites like ad manager, dating scripts, shop script, classifieds scripts, job board software, auction scripts and much more.

Some of the key attributes of our PHP scripts are that they are ready to use, easy to install and come with an astounding potential to form the base of big websites. They are developed with the sole focus on the profitability of your site. We offer installation services and technical support as well. All these services that you get from us are provided at very reasonable rates.

The various types of websites that can be started with ready PHP scripts are:

  • B2B or business to business
  • Auctions
  • Job Board
  • Recipes
  • Online classifieds advertisements
  • Online shopping cart or store
  • New articles or paper
  • Link Directory
  • Resource repository
  • Banner exchange
  • PPC search engine
  • Web hosting directory
  • Funny pictures and jokes
  • Photo gallery

Apart from these, we can also create customized websites as per your specifications.

We can also help you with add-ons in case you have an existing website by providing codes for banner advertisement management in order to turn your visitors into proper customers, codes based on knowledge or FAQ section, codes for keeping your visitors informed and save time, codes for reciprocal links in order to increase the popularity of your website’s link; news section for publishing website news and codes for automatic link checking in order to save the time spent by you on tracking your link partners.


It is the sheer popularity of our tools that makes them affordable. We do not believe in making profit by selling each script at a high price but by selling a lot of it at reasonable rates. The huge sales we make provide us with good amount of profit. As we never suffer losses, we can afford to sell our codes at cheap rates.

Why should you choose to buy ready PHP scripts from us?

  • Best quality codes
  • Affordable rates
  • Availability of a wide array of scripts
  • Sincere and committed customer support
  • Detailed online demonstration of scripts
  • Customized script as per your specifications
  • Script installation services
  • Technical support system
  • 100% safe payment system using PayPal, debit or credit card
  • Advantage of great productivity with our codes

Our codes have been running numerous websites across the globe. We have survived all these years only because we offer reliable services and have a committed customer support system.

Get in touch with us as soon as possible to get the best deals in ready PHP scripts. We hire the best developers to make the codes for you so that you never face a problem using them.

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