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Sammrat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is unique and first of its kind. We understand the term 'SEO (Search Engine Optimization/Off-Page Optimization)' and Website Optimization (On-Page Optimization). We will help you in driving huge traffic and build online reputation on the World Wide Web.

Sammrat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will let you know the actuals and facts of Search Engine Optimization/ Off-Page Optimization and Website Optimization (On-Page Optimization). We guarantee you that we do not mislead or misguide you in any terms to get orders from any of our clients.

How to get better placements in search engines?
Search engines looks for various algorithms in a website to give or place them on the first page.

What is Every Website Owner's Dream?
Every website owner dreams of getting his website placed on the first place of the first page of any search engine. But to get to that place the owner has to go through lots of process and methods to make search engines happier and to show owner's website on the first place of first page. Sammrat SEO will help the website owner to get to that place with search engines required variations.

Why this Page Rank or Optimization required?
Many spammers have killed the quality websites and they used to be on the top for every keyword. Therefore Google has come out with the solutions for all of us. Google has given us the option to frustrate the website spammers and slash spammers down by building backlinks to your website.

We do not use any submission software and we don't believe in that. We prefer and strongly recommend manual submission for the link building process.

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