Google AdWords Services

Google AdWords Services

More and more people visit Google to search for information on various products and services, thus Google is called No 1 Search Engine in the world. Google Adwords is one of the best tools to kill your competition just like that.

You want to get to the first page of Google through Pay Per Click Advertisements with Google Adwords Services for Unlimited Keywords. Google Adwords is one of the best ways to attract your customers who search for information on Google.

Not every keyword of your website can show result on “Google Search Page” of your website information, so you need to get on to the top with this alternate tool, “GOOGLE ADWORDS SERVICES” and be visible to Google visitors. Gain more visitors THROUGH Google PPC Campaign and convert Google Adwords Services in to your profits.

Google Adwords services has always doubled the campaigner's profits and helped many of the business owners to run business profitably.

What Sammrat SEO does in Google PPC Campaign in India?
We write a unique advertisement matter for your products and services. (Reliable matter always tempts the quality customers to click on your Ad and visit your site)

We suggest the best keywords and get it approved from you. (Keyword Management is the most important tool in Google Adwords Services and we will rightly guide you through that)

We can create scheduling campaign just for you. (If your campaign has to run on the specific time or duration, we will help you with that)

We can create a campaign, targeting the specified country, example India. (You can target any country or region depending on your products and services anywhere in the world)

You can run your ads on Google partnered sites (Placement and Content Campaigns).

We generate and submit a detail report to you. (You will get the complete report on keyword search, location-wise search, date and time search, content and placement search, IP address, etc.,)

Google Adwords Service Charges

We charge one time set up fee of Rs. 1500/-

Our monthly service charges are Rs. 5000/- except Google AdWords Billing

Google Adwords Services or Google PPC Services available in India also. Sammrat SEO as a Google Adwords Firm is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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