RSS Feed Submission Services

RSS Feed Submission Services

RSS is short form of Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. RSS Feed Submission Services is a simple method for those websites to deliver regularly updating web content. RSS Feeds are mostly used by news-related sites, blogs and other website publishers. They syndicate their web contents as an RSS Feed to allow users to subscribe.

If you have a website or blog which gets updated regularly then you have to use RSS Feed Submission Services to promote it. Search engines always crawl the RSS Directories to check and understand the link popularity.

RSS Feed Submission Services is the best method of distributing all your website or blog's updated content, headlines and information to a large number of audiences. Therefore get your RSS Feed submitted to RSS Feed Directories.

We have our expert team to submit your RSS Feed to RSS Feed Directories at an affordable price. We strictly do manual RSS Feed Submission. Many RSS Feed Directories requires e-mail verification to submit RSS Feed so we create an exclusive email account on behalf of you and we then do RSS Feed Submission. After RSS Feed Submission, you will get the complete RSS Feed Submission Report. Please note, kindly ensure that your feed is valid before RSS Feed submission.

RSS Feed Submission Services Tariff:

RSS Feed Submission to 50 RSS Feed Directories --- $20

RSS Feed Submission to 100 RSS Feed Directories --- $35

After making successful payment, please forward the following requirements to

Paypal Email ID:- from which you have made the payment.
Main Site URL:- your website or blog url.
Description of Main Site:- min 200 characters description of your site.
RSS Feed URL:- which needs to be submitted to RSS Feed Directories.
RSS Description:- your rss feed description of min 200 characters.
Title:- your rss feed title max 60 characters.
Keywords:- 3 to 5 keywords.
Your name:- we use it at the time of submission.
Your email:- where we can send the detailed report.

RSS Feed Submission Services also available in India.

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