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Many websites fails to get into search engine's result page though its products or services are unique due to lack of website optimization services which are provided by website optimization company.

Website Optimization Services (On-Page Optimization Services) is very important before you get into Search Engine Optimization Services (Off-page Optimization Services). Getting Page Rank from search engines will just not help you in appearing on the search engine's search page.

If your Website Optimization's SEO score does not score in a good way then your website is of course of no use in the internet business. So getting your Website Optimization (On-Page Optimization) done is most important aspect before you gain page rank through link building process.

Sammrat SEO Experts from India will redesign your website and get you the best On-page or website seo score on the world wide web. Our professional team will analyze your website and intimate you on improvising your website seo score.

We strongly recommend you to get into search engine optimization (Off-page optimization) once you create a best seo score of your website.

Before you place the order, initially get your website analysis free of cost and we will inform you the corrections if required. If your website is already scoring in a good way then we do not accept your order.

If only few corrections needs to be done then we will customize your order price and we will give you a fresh quote.


  • Your Website's Title will have no errors.
  • Your Website's Title Relevancy will be 100%.
  • Your Website's Description will have no errors.
  • Your Website's Description Relevancy will be 100%.
  • Your Website's Keywords will have no errors.
  • Your Website's Keywords Relevancy will be 100%.
  • Your targeted keyword density will be improved.
  • Your Website Loading time will be better.

Most important things to be considered in Website optimization services (On-page Optimization).

  1. Meta Tag Formation (Keyword, Description and Title)
  2. Image and video Formation
  3. Anchor Text Formation
  4. Content Development basis on keywords
  5. Conversion Form Creation
  6. XML Sitemap Formation
  7. Robots.txt Formation
  8. Enhancing 404 pages
  9. 301 Permanent Redirect
  10. Domain Age Suggestion
  11. Home page Size
  12. Site Statistics
  13. Broken Links Correction

Below packages will be charged extra and they will help you in driving huge traffic to your website. Ask us how?

Blog Creation
RSS Feed Creation
News Site Creation
Forums creation
Article Site Creation
Merchant Account Creation (Accept credit cards/debit cards from all over the world)

Once we do On-page Optimization (website optimization) then we let you check On-Page SEO Score of your site.

We give you free website analysis. If you want to know, how well your website is performing, send us your request, we will let you know your website analysis at no extra cost.

Get your Website Optimization services (On-page Optimization) done and Get SEO score of 100% or we will refund your money back with no questions asked. SEO Score will be based on

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