XHTML Validation Services

XHTML Validation Services

Many of us have seen W3C XHTML Validation buttons on various sites, what does XHTML Validation Services mean?

W3C Validation Consultants

XHTML Validation Services

We know, few of you know about these XHTML Validation buttons who owns it. People, who do not know about XHTML Validation Services, read further down.

XHTML Validation buttons shows that your web html page has been validated as per W3C standard guidelines. To know more on W3C, you can log on to W3C Website, http://www.w3.org.

Why should I get my website W3C XHTML Validated?
Your website is checked for its complacency basis on W3C XHTML Validation Services standard. Getting W3C xhtml validation services means your web page is error free coding and your web page will get displayed on the exact way how you have designed over all web browsers like IE, Opera and Mozilla Firefox available currently. Rare exceptions could be there but ideally your back end code follows the standard specifications suggested by W3C.

Do I really need W3C Validation Services for my site?
We come across this question quite often. Many Web Designers and Web Masters always think that having a beautiful design would help them showing their website as professional and standard. Unfortunately, they are far from reality.
If you have broken html codes which causes browser to load the web page slowly as the browser needs to fix the errors before opening the web page.

And also to gain good rank on search engines, ‘W3C Valid Code’ helps you in that as Search Engine Spiders check all websites for W3C Validation. When your website is in compliance with W3C specifications, then it would be easy for spiders to index your pages and W3C Validation code is most PREFERABLE by Search Engine Spiders.

What are the major benefits for getting W3C validated?
Major benefits would be faster web page downloading, less load on server and moreover it is Search Engine Friendly.

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W3C XHTML Validation Services Package

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